Guest Artists

Paulina Posadas

Paulina was born in Morelia, Mexico. She developed an interest in dance at an early age. At the age of 15, she began ballroom dance classes with the group "Ritmo Latino," director Javier Gutierrez Najera, learning such rhythms as cha cha cha, samba, cumbia, merengue, rock and roll, salsa… to name a few. Enchanted, her passion for dance exploded and she began training in classical ballet, jazz and gymnastics.

Paulina’s skills became increasingly valuable and so proven when she joined the different companies such as: "Salsa con Clave" directed by Gaby Bernal and Victor Burgos, "Salsamania" directed by Jhon Narvez and Liz Rojas in San Francisco California, also in New York with the dance company "Baila Society" directed by Daniel Ensank and Athoy Bon Pantoja.

Her salsa training continues in multiple International dance congresses with private instruction from renowned salsa coaches such as Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow, Tito Ortos and Tamara Livosly, Jayson Molina, Fernando Sosa, Eddie Torres, Alien Ramirez, Osmar Perrones, Gerardo Ramirez and many more.

Presently she is one of the world represent of salsa in the professional level with 14 Mexican national titles, 6 World salsa champions and more than 8 international titles.

Adriano Ierepoli & Samantha Scali


Adriano Ieropoli and Samantha Scali are professional dancers based out of Montreal, Canada. In 2009, at age fourteen they began their partnership by teaching locally and performing for various stage productions, concerts, festivals and salsa congresses.
In 2015, they started competing internationally and founded Novaera Productions their very own dance studio in Montreal. That year, Adriano won his first world title in the same gender division and he is now the current world champion in the men solo division. Adriano and Samantha are the first Canadian couple to have won a world title in the Professional Salsa On2 division, having placed first at the 2017.

Tessa Cunningham and Myles Munroe

Myles Bio:
Canadian West Coast Swing Champion Myles Munroe is a naturally gifted dancer who has had the advantage of training his talents from a young age. He was classically trained in every stage dance and partner dance, cross-trained in a variety of martial arts, and won 6 UCWDC World Champion titles before the age of 20. He and partner Tessa Cunningham Munroe are currently the highest ranked international dancers on the NASDE circuit, known for their artistic and athletic winning Showcase routines. As a dancer, Myles is known for his ability to maintain his masculinity while being committed to efficient movement and technical aesthetics. As a teacher, he gets results: his critical eye can get to the source of the problem and actually solve it, with a positive, encouraging approach that is universally loved.

Tessa’s Bio: Canadian West Coast Swing Champion Tessa Cunningham is one of the most admired followers on the Westie circuit. She is the highest ranked female international dancer on the NASDE circuit, and the winner of the first ever Jo Szymanski Pro Social Dancer Award. She has university degrees in both Human Kinetics and Education, and over 20 years of teaching/coaching experience, which give her an incomparable insight to dance teaching methodology and movement analysis. She is known for her versatility, body control, and enviable musical expression, and has used her endless feminine creativity to produce the first ever ladies’ styling dvd trilogy. Tessa is the creator of the Swing Literacy Development Method and actively leads teacher training courses globally. Her positive, high-energy, palatable delivery of correct foundational technique inspires and empowers students of all levels, and allows faster progression and access to more fun!

Leonardo Barri & Barbara Wainnright

Leonardo Barri & Barbara Wainnright Bio.

Nowadays they are working in the Dinner-Show of the House of Tango “Esquina Homero Manzi” in Buenos Aires. They were Finalists in the "2nd World Championship of Tango Variation" in Buenos Aires (December 2016). Also they were making performance in different “milongas” (Social Dance) of Buenos Aires as "Lo de Nieto", "Dos Orillas”, “Dni Tango” and “Salon Canin".

Both worked in different Tango Houses of Buenos Aires such as "Gala Tango", “El Querandí”, “Café de los Angelitos” and “El Viejo Almacén“.

As awards Leonardo won the Gold Medal at Stage Tango Couple in the XIV International Dance Competition, "Danzamérica 2008" held in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba and 1st Place in the "1st National Championship Salsa & Choreography" held at the Resto Pub “Comadreja” in Córdoba (2003). While Barbara won the First Place in: “Milonga and Waltz categories”, and won second prize in “Tango category” at the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Dance Championship (2011).

Ashley Berrns

Ashley Berrns has spent a lifetime perfecting her craft, investing years of practice, precision and determination. No audience intimidates her concentration — she’s danced for the Queen of England, in New York City studios, on stages across Canada and in an Olympic torch ceremony. An acclaimed performer, Ashley has earned numerous awards for choreography and competition. She’s also an award-winning business owner.

In 2011, Ashley established Dance INK, a performance centre providing professional instruction in genres such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, street jazz, breakdancing, modern, musical theatre and acrobatics. Over the past six years, Dance INK has expanded its studio space — with the third Dance INK location to open this spring. The third studio expansion will allow for the Dance INK team to continue providing exceptional training in a professional setting.

Dance INK provides numerous opportunities for their dancers outside of regular classes. Students often perform at various community events, such as WE Day, Telemiracle, Nuit Blanche and the Harlem Globetrotters Half Time Show. Most recently, they performed to a sold-out audience at Swinging with the Stars, a prestigious and lively fundraiser for the Saskatoon City Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. Ashley has been involved with this event for four consecutive years as an all-star dancer.

Dance Ink site:

Super DJ Robby - Cuba USA

Robert Rodriguez, “Super DJ Robby”, was born in Havana, Cuba. He came to the United States in 1982 at age 13 with his parents and his sister. Robby’s musical interests began as a child. At age 16, a family friend presented him with an amplifier, turntable and 2 home speakers. This, together with his first purchase of 3 records by his favorite artists, (El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Oscar D’Leon as well as the late, great Celia Cruz) enabled him to begin sharing his music with the world. He began playing for friends and family, making cassettes, and performing at family functions “free of charge”. His first party was at a friend’s home where he recalls constructing his DJ booth by hand and bringing the party to life with a grand total of 50 LP’s. From the happiness that his talent and musical creativity bestowed on others, he knew that this was his future.

Super DJ Robby’s first performance was in 1990 at the Hola Barcelona Night club, where he continued to perform for the following 7 years. Soon thereafter followed additional performances at the Fifth Avenue Night club (where he met Albert Torres), Rudolpho’s Night Club, The Mayan, The Grand Avenue Night Club, The Boat House in Santa Monica,the Sagebrush in Culver City,and currently every Sunday at Lima Lounge. His career rapidly expanded to include performances with Oscar D’Leon, Los Van Van, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Marc Anthony, Tito Nieves, local L.A. artist Johnny Polanco as well as the late greats Celia Cruz and Tito Puente.

Super DJ Robby has received recognition from the Los Angeles City Council and was named Best Salsa DJ of Los Angeles in 2001 and 2002 by Sabor Magazine. His most recent engagements comprise performances at various Salsa Congresses and Festivals worldwide including Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Zurich, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vancouver, Canada, Tokyo, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Barcelona Miami, Florida, Dallas, Tx and yearly performances at The West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, California. When asked how he has managed to develop such an illustrious career, he replied: “I am very grateful to Albert Torres for the opportunities he has given me and for the ability to share the joy of what I do best with the world. ¡Que viva la salsa!!


Harold and Regan

Harold Rancano and Regan Hirose, are a Latin dance couple best known for their energetic, and acrobatic flair on stage. Based out of Winnipeg, Canada, the flavorful couple has achieved plenty of success on both a national and international level, most notably being two-time World Bachata Cabaret Champions as of 2017 and currently two-time Canadian Bachata Champions.
Aside from competition, the duo also directs RHR Latin Dance Company and Cubanisimo Dance Productions in their hometown, where they train and coach their teams and students, 3 of which are World Champions.  They also coach and mentor various teams outside of their city by both teaching and creating choreography.
With all their success through competition, performing and teaching, the duo is currently living their dream as professional dancers travelling the world to share their vast knowledge of styles and various latin rhythms such as; Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2, Bachata, Pachanga, Cuban Salsa, Cha cha cha and Lifts & Tricks. Whether it’s privates, group classes or to coach teams, the couple has the experience to adapt to any teaching environment.

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Edwin Rivera - Puerto Rico - USA

Edwin Rivera is one of the most influential Latin dancers, choreo grapher, instructor and musicians of our generation. With a career spanning almost two decades, he has made quite the impact on the dance and music community. From east to west coast as well as international, he brings his Puerto Rican roots, with an innovative and creative style to the dance floor, stage and to our ears.
Originally from the Bronx, NY Edwin started his career at the age of 13. It started when his mother gave him an ultimatum either dance class or military school. As fate would have it, he chose a path that now links him to millions across the world to do what he does best…BE THE ARTIST HE WAS MEANT TO BE! Edwin’s first professional dance opportunity was through his mentor David Melendez who brought him to perform at the first Los Angeles Salsa festival where he was discovered by the biggest salsa promoter in the world, Albert Torres. His instant attraction and love for the city was profound, mixed with an indescribable aura, and deep desire to be in the entertainment business. Entrenched in his soul, he knew that moving to LA would be the key to his dreams.
Edwin embarked on his journey as a dancer and his long time dream to reside in Los Angeles and travel around the world. Edwin quickly made a name for himself in LA & Japan as he stood out with his unique Puerto Rican dance style & teaching abilities Through hard work, dedication, and passion. His vision was apparent for the world to see and ultimately drove his success to be unique, not do the norm, and make a difference in his craft with his God given talents. He effortlessly transitioned from the Latin dance community to mainstream films working with his idols Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony in this film "El Cantante" as the only solo dancer in the feature film. Edwin has also worked with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller Jennifer Anniston, Rob Schneider just to name a few. His versatile career is running full steam ahead with no end in sight.
His connection to music through dance has opened numerous doors and a newly discovered talent. Although, this new found inspiration came to him at a later age. It now has launched his career into a whole new creative realm…Edwin Rivera the musician, music producer and Dj. Similar to his other creative ventures. Edwin lived, breathed, and became music. He launched his first studio album "Soul of a Dancer" which was a huge commercial success.  He later launched his sophomore album MIME ~ Music Is My Everything with Latin sounds infused with today’s dance music of House, Hip Hop, Dubstep and R&B. Now running his very own independent record label, “Rivera Rhythm Records” and executive produced his first signed artist, “Laquan brooks” entire album. The future of the music industry has never looked so bright for this young producer.
“In order to achieve greatness you have to be around great people”. From kid, to salsa dancer, to chorographer, and now musician, Edwin Rivera lives by this motto every day and is thankful for his blessings, his surroundings, and a path through which he can showcase his God given talents to the world. “Wealth is thru my heart and what I give to people.” A simple boy from the Bronx, a star to shine on us for the world to see and hear. Edwin Rivera!

THE CUBAN BOYS - Cuban Movements

Leo Gonzales & Raydel Martinez - Cuban Movements.

Cuban Movements is an Edmonton based company that is known for its unique choreographies that combine elements of body and dance movement from a wide variety of dance styles such as Rumba, Afro-Cuban, Son, Ballet and Contemporary. Leo Gonzalez, owner and director of Cuban Movements, began his dance career at a young age and after arriving in Canada, Leo decided he wanted to share his passion for dance with as many people as he could, and therefore Cuban Movements was created in 2013, and it has continued to grow in success ever since. You may have watched them in action in various festivals or congresses around Canada such as the Calgary Salsa Congress, Saskatoon Salsa Congress, Heritage Festival, Latin Festival, Expo Latino, and the Winnipeg Salsa Fest.

They are always very excited to share their passion of dance, and are even more excited to be back at the 2016 Saskatoon Salsa Congress!

Enzo Vagaray

Enzo first started dancing salsa in 2009 and quickly made his mark in the Edmonton Latin dance scene, performing and teaching not long after his debut.  

In 2012, he moved to Vancouver to train under world champion instructors Patrick and Scarlet Moriarity. Since then, he has performed and competed in numerous prestigious congresses and world competitions. Most recently, after only two weeks of consistent training, Enzo earned himself a fourth place win in the same gender category at the 2017 World Salsa Summit alongside New Yorks's Andrew Avila. 

Now back in Edmonton, Enzo brings a wealth of knowledge to his city's salsa scene and continuously strives to reach new heights in both the Canadian and world latin dance scene. Enzo is currently the assistant director at SalsaVitus Dance Company where he teaches, choreographs, and performs. He is known for his smooth and clean social dancing and styling as a follow.

Solange Rego

Solange Rego. Mozambique/Canada . Kizomba Instructor at Danza Morena Latin Dance Academy

Solange has been dancing for as long as she has been able to walk. Her dance training started in her native Mozambique where she began her training in various dance genres including both traditional as well as contemporary forms, including Afro-Dance, Ballet and Hip-Hop.

Solange has continued her training and advancement in Canada and North America with world- class instructors such as Sarah Lopez, Usukuma, Ivo Vieira, Shani Meyers, Ennuel Iverson and David Campos in New York.

Solange is thrilled to be part of the Sask Salsa Congress for 2017.

Mario Acosta & Ana Lopez

Mario Acosta-Cevallos - SalsaVitus Dance Company

Mario Acosta-Cevallos is a 7x World Salsa Champion, Canadian Latin-American Ballroom Finalist and acclaimed dance instructor. He is known for his hypnotic performances marked by high levels of grace, speed and technical difficulty. He is equally acknowledged for his ability to provide a fun, fresh, and accessible approach to salsa dancing.

Mario & Ana have been dancing together for almost a year and their recent accomplishment has been placing second at the World Salsa Summit as part of Team Canada in the Open Small Team Division.

SalsaVitus Website:

Scarlet Moriarity - Mexico

Scarlet's abilities, experience and accolades far exceed her youthful age. Before being introduced to Latin dances by her parents at the age of 15 in her native Mexico, Scarlet already had experience in dances such as Modern, Mexican Folklore, Jazz, Tap and more significantly Cheer - a squad in which she captained and helped lead to National level competitions.

Within her first year of dancing Salsa Scarlet became an instructor and performer for her father's Salsa dance company, Impulso Latino in Acapulco, Mexico.

By sixteen, Scarlet was performing at International Salsa Congresses and began training with many of Mexico's most renowned Salsa dance companies including, Salsa Caliente, Danzantillando, Rumba Atzeca, Pa'La Rumba, Salsa Na'Ma, as well as a stint abroad with renowned San Francisco Bay Area instructors John and Liz.

More recently, Scarlet competed in the 2010 World Salsa Latin Cup in San Diego in the On 2 division. The 2010 WSLC Competition is regarded as easily the most highly contested Salsa competition ever. Partnered with John Narvaez, she competed against the likes of 5 time World Champions Oliver and Luda (Australia), as well as two-time World Champions Luis and Anya (San Francisco and New York), and countless other World and National Champions.

Incredibly, Scarlet was a last minute replacement and with less than two weeks to prepare for the competition still managed to place 10th out of twenty-four of the world's top couples.

Scarlet's achievements are of no surprise to anyone who knows her. The combination of her technique, playful professionalism and elegant, sexy styling weaves a magnetic force that captivates both the educated and non-educated dancer alike.

Check out Scarlet and John as they do a warm up performance just days before the 2010 San Diego World Salsa Latin Cup...

Patrick Moriaty - Vancouver Canada

Raised in Vancouver, Patrick got into Salsa 10 years ago as a means to tackle a life long fear of dancing. Finding the social aspect of the dance appealing, Salsa quickly grew on him and ignited his desire to know and further perfect his craft - not only in Salsa but also other Latin dances such as Cha-Cha, Merengue and Bachata. Consequently, he travelled to many places to learn from world-renowned dance instructors and performers reinforcing his commitment to dancing. Generous and naturally-gifted to teach, the next course of action was to open his dancing school.

In 2006, Patrick founded Dance Vancouver with the goal of providing high quality, safe and developmentally appropriate dance education to students of all levels, backgrounds and experience. Over the years, Patrick has produced and trained countless dancers. Patient and caring, he is eager to share his thorough knowledge of the fundamental techniques and roots of Salsa and other Latin dances.

Patrick's passion for Salsa has led him to perform numerous times at events locally and abroad. Whether it’s during professional performances, on the social dance floor or teaching, Patrick’s skills, professionalism and personality always leave a lasting impression on both new and experienced Salsa dancers.

Vancouver has been the location for much of Patrick's teaching where he has gained a respectable reputation by continuously providing new forms, new approaches and new classes to benefit his students' growth.

Albert Torres

Albert Torres was the world’s premier producer of live Salsa Music and Dance events.  Albert passed away  May 25 of this year after complications from a long-standing illness. His passion for Salsa has been an inspiration to a countless number of people from all walks of life and his continuous efforts to globalize Salsa have made a major impact on the preservation and accessibility of both Salsa Music and Salsa Dance around the world.

For those of you that did not have a chance to meet Albert he was a man that was larger than life. His drive and passion for salsa was immeasurable and he touched the lives of many people from around the world, including mine. I developed a close friendship over the years with Albert as we planned and then executed the Saskatchewan International Salsa and Bachata Congress that is now on its sixth year. Although a small congress, Albert discovered, encouraged and inspired a multiplicity of dancers and performers that came to perform to Saskatoon, facilitating them in their journey as they pursued their own dreams and aspirations. Albert was a principle player in this festival and he filled many shoes including co-director, M.C. and director of qualifying competitions for the World Latin Dance Cup. Albert was a familiar face on the dance floor and the greeting areas. He could always be seen talking to anyone and everyone, and he was someone that would not forget you, even if he had met you only once.
Albert’s life was not easy, he endured a lot as a young man and as an adult, but he was able to overcome his obstacles and became the world’s leading promoter of what he was passionate about, Salsa. The Latin dance world would not be the same today had Albert not come onto the scene and push for Salsa to the heights that it is today.

Albert was scheduled to be at our Festival this coming week June 2-4 but instead we will have his Salsa son Edwin Rivera. and long time friend Super Dj Robby. Every year we celebrated Albert’s Birthday the last day of the congress and this year instead we will be honouring Albert’s Life and Legacy. Join us as this year’s festival will be a difficult one but one to remember!

To learn more about Albert Torres and his Legacy of events, please visit: and