Saturday June 3 Workshops

Saturday June 3, 2017 – Schedule subject to change. All workshops are held at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. Click here for further workshops description. No partner needed.

Time    Workshop    Workshop    Workshop
11:00 am Paulina Posadas
Ladies Boot camp P2.
 Regan & Harold
Flying BachataIntermediate
Leo & Barbara
2)-Argentine Tango Leading & Connection. Beginners.
12:00 am Paulina Posadas
Ladies Boot camp P3.
 Enzo Vagaray
Suave Salsa on 2
 Leo & Barbara
3) -Argentine Tango Ochos.
1:00 pm Cuban Boys – Leo & Raydel
Afro Cuban Orishas
 Scarlet & Patrick
Golden rules for lead & follow. Partner work.
Absolute Beginners.
 Tessa & Myles
#1. West Coast Swing Conversion
2:00 pm Solange Rego
All levels
Footwork & Body movement on 2
 Tessa & Myles
#2. Shut up & Kiss me
3:00 pm Maxwell Aguilar
On 2 Intricate Salsa
Patterns. Beginner
 Mario Acosta
Rhythm vs Musicality on 2
Absolute Beginners
 Tessa & Myles
#3. Translation, please!

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