Sunday June 4 Workshops

Sunday June 4, 2017 – Workshop Schedule. Subject to change. All workshops are held at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. Click here for further workshops description. No partner needed.

Time    Workshop    Workshop    Workshop
11:00 Paulina Posadas
Ladies Boot camp P4
Regan & Harold
Bachata battle
Leo & Barbara
4)-Argentine Tango Ochos Voleos & Ganchos
12:00 am Paulina Posadas
Ladies Boot camp P5
Enzo Vagaray
Funk Footwork on 2
Leo & Barbara
5)-Argentine Tango Intro. to turns, Enrosque & Lapiz
1:00 pm Paulina Posadas
Ladies Boot camp P6
Scarlet & Patrick
Musicality. Quick simple ways to be more musical.
Absolute beginners
Leo & Barbara
6)-Argentine Tango. Men & women saccades & barridas
2:00 pm Mario Acosta
Body movement & shines with partner work on 2
Partner work
Tessa & Myles
#1.West coast swing conversion
3:00 pm Ashley Berrns
Jazz Funk.
All levels
Cuban Boys – Leo & Raydel
Cuban Rumba
Tessa & Myles
#2.Groove & Flow
4:00 pm Rehearsal for WLDC  Rehearsal for WLDC Tessa & Myles
#3.The Hijacking Myth

11:00 – 5:00 pm Workshops.
7:30 pm – Amateur & Pro-Am Competition – Qualifier for the World Latin Dance Cup.
8:30 pm – Masters Jack & Jill and Social – After Qualifier.
(One ticket covers entire evening events – Including Social, Competition/Qualifier and Jack & Jill Competition.)